Building Something Special For Your Garden


Building something special for your garden is always an adventure. Whether you plan to build a gazebo, a shed, or a dog house, the planning and anticipation is often the highlight of the summer, next to actually using the structure you build. Here are some ideas for your summertime projects.

Find Good Plans


You may already have a good set of plans. If not, there are a lot of sources for free or inexpensive plans. First, check on the internet, because there are many DIYers who draw their own plans and are willing to share them with others. You may find the perfect treehouse or shed plans on the internet.

You can also check at your local home improvement store. You can often find an entire display near the cladding aisle, and take several different plans home with you.

Check for Permits

Usually, if your home improvement store is selling plans, they are in compliance with local codes. However, you need to find out for sure, and make sure any dimensions are accurate for safety codes. Then, get the permits you need to erect your structure.

Site Preparation

You can’t be too careful with site preparation. Whether you need to add to or take away soil, the site should be level. And it is not just the exact footprint that needs to be level. Plan to level the area around your structure in order to give yourself room to work. If this is a storage building, traffic will be limited one it is complete. However, if it is a gazebo or playhouse, there will be plenty of traffic all around the structure, and you need to make sure to level the ground for a good distance in all directions.



There are a number of ways to install a foundation for your structure, but the most stable are the concrete slab and the pier and beam. With a pier and beam, you will get CMU blocks designed specifically for this use. Sturdy beams will be used for the framework, and you’ll add flooring on top.


Good, straight timber for the framework will make your structure sturdy and extend its usefulness. Carefully choose construction grade timber for this phase, and don’t go cheap. Buy timber of the right size so that it can maintain its shape with the lode of the rest of the structure attached.


Shiplap cladding Somerset is usually the best exterior protection for your structure. Available in different styles, you can give the playhouse a whimsical feel, or weatherproof the storage shed. This type of cladding can even be insulated, turning a shed into an easily air-conditioned workshop. Cladding will shed water off of the structure, extending the lifespan of the building. Make sure the framing is attached to the floor in such a way as to keep water from pooling under the wall plates, and the shiplap cladding will do the rest.

With these basics in mind, you can build a great looking and functional building in your garden.


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