Decorative Planters For The Dining Room

With the holidays here, families and businesses all across the UK are getting ready for the gathering of friends and family around the dining table. Fine foods will be served – rack of lamb, prime rib, fine puddings, and more will grace the tables of thousands of homes. Decorations are carefully thought out to bring about the most festive feelings. Places are set at the tables, often with wrestling matches among the kids to see who gets to move up from the children’s table. With all of the excitement and bustle, planning can become a headache. Here are some pointers for using decorative planters for the dining room to improve the ambiance and make your holiday decorating a little easier.


Christmas Trees

Many people like to place a Christmas tree in the dining room. This, however, can be a logistical challenge, especially if space is at a premium. This can be overcome with some creative use of planters. Consider a tabletop tree in a beautiful planter, placed in the center of the dining table. This is entirely possible if you keep in mind the eye-level of diners. The lowest branches of the tree should be at least 60 cm above the table. This will keep the view clear, yet form a dramatic setting for the tabletop tree.

A large planter in the corner can hold a lovely living tree that can be transplanted to your garden after Christmas. This is a beautiful tradition that many families cherish. The trees, chosen for your particular area, will thrive when planted in the soil, and grow into beautiful mature trees.



You may have sconces in your home with lighting fixtures, but have you ever considered planter sconces? This can be a terrific way to decorate for the holidays. A series of sconces can sustain a living garland all across the dining room, adding to the festive feel.

End Pieces

The buffet in the dining room is a great place for some small pots of flowers or plants. Your local nursery may have some beautiful Christmas cactus that is blooming at this time, providing fascinating texture and bright colors that will add the perfect touch to your décor. Potted poinsettias are also seasonal, bringing significance and color to the holiday.

Place Holders

There are many creative ways to use plants as place holders for your dinner party. Small terra cotta planters with miniature roses in them make beautiful gifts for your guests. Some people even use tea light holders to house tiny plants such as succulents or rootings from ivy. If you don’t want to go with living plants, use attractive small planters that have been filled with candies or other favors. A square of toile filled with Jordan almonds and tied with a festive ribbon will fit nicely into a small ceramic planter that has been painted with the name of the recipient. This not only guides guests to their places at the table, but provides a take home gift, as well.

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