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Building your own Barbeque

March 13, 2018

There are lots of barbeques on the market ranging from simple trays that hold coals to giant gas-powered behemoths. I am somebody who doesn’t believe in using gas to cook barbequed food, even if you do run it through volcanic rocks you are still not going to get that proper smokey BBQ taste. That is […]

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Dressing For The Summer BBQ

September 29, 2015

As summer barrels toward its close, many of us are trying to get in our last hoorah of outdoor activities. We’re taking those hikes that will be inaccessible to us once the snows start. We’re hanging out at the park, trying to catch a little more sun before it gets too low in the sky. […]

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Keeping Your House Presentable When Serving Guests

May 18, 2015

Having friends over for a cookout is practically a rite of passage for homeowners. Who needs curtains, when you have a BBQ on the patio? Sure, the wife may want all of the pretties out before anyone comes over, but there are ways to compromise and still entertain. Here are some pointers for keeping our […]

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Decorating The Garden For Summer BBQs

February 2, 2015

Despite the continued cold weather, we can turn our sights toward summer. Think “backyard BBQ” to get you through the last roar of winter, and you may be transported to sunnier, warmer, more friendly days. With this in mind, it’s not too soon start planning how you will decorate the garden for this summer’s BBQs. […]

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Lawn Treatment And How To Deal With Patchy Grass

January 20, 2015

Although most of the Western World is caught in the grip of winter, those “in the know” are already thinking about their lawns ready for BBQ’s in the summer! Lawn treatments actually start at about this time of year, with pre-emergent herbicides being applied. Most lawn care companies also offer pruning services for trees and […]

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