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Beer Cocktails

April 20, 2017

You constantly find certain groups of drinkers who stick with their drink of choice, when you head out to get a drink. There is a bunch who affirm that vodka is the only drink Such a blend of converse beverages looks something that is both difficult to reach and even blasphemous. Beer is a very […]


What Does Your Furniture Say About You?

April 1, 2015

So you’re having guests over for dinner, your preparing or have prepared a lovely meal and your ready for everything that the world can throw Your furniture is more than just utilitarian. Well, for most people it is, anyway. You may, of course, still live in the “recent graduate” flat with handed-down furniture. But, from […]


The Michelangelo

January 10, 2014

I went to a restaurant called The Michelangelo this past Sunday for lunch. I’m not one for having roast dinners so I would prefer not to go to a British food establishment. I’ve always been a fan of Italian food anyway so it made a nice treat. The restaurant happened to be on the Weston-Super-Mare […]


Welcome To My Food, Drink And Entertainment Blog

December 11, 2013

Welcome to my food, drink and entertainment blog! Here I will be discussing my trips and experiences with restaurants, venues and other exciting places. My name is John Hannaford and I really enjoy dining out and experiencing new sights and sounds. Food and drink is my speciality and I really hope you enjoy my outlook […]