Why Eating Abroad Can Be The Best Part Of Your Holiday

Food can be the greatest part of your holiday if you make the right choices. Restaurants and local delicacies can be a real treat, and a highlight to going abroad. Here are some of the best countries to eat!


France as a country is one of the pioneers of fine dining cuisine, cooking with amazing flavors and some brilliant produce. When it comes to cooking, they have some incredible flavors from some of their world-class wines as well.

But it’s not only restaurants that are incredible in France, just heading down to the patisserie and grabbing a nice french stick and spreading it with unsalted butter is delicious. Not just that though, you could grab some croissants.


When it comes to specialty meats, then Germany is the place for you. With some great smoked meats and the home of frankfurters, Germany really do have some of the tastiest. There are a fair few good restaurants to eat at but make sure you know a bit of German or you might need to get some translation services involved! Germany is also a great place to try a range of tasty beers.


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