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In accordance with all the temperature control requirements determined from the Food Standards Code, the 2 hour 4 hour cooling system rule is a way of compliance utilized by food companies to cool food. The food safety duties set out that all food companies should have the ability to show that potentially hazardous food is cooled. To help food companies realize this, concerning the best way to follow the 2 hr, the comprehensive process /4hr cooling system rule is shown in this video.

A great precise thermometer is crucial to follow this system of temperature control.

The safe temperatures for keeping potentially hazardous food are above 60 C and below 5 C. The initial temperature reading needs to be taken when the temperature of the food is above 60 C. when cooling food Only at that point please note the temperature reading down after which transfer the food right into a cooling tray to be put into the refrigerator. As the big surface area allows the food to cool rapidly, it’s important to decide on a big shallow container. Then put the container in another temperature reading as well as the refrigerator needs to be taken after 2 hours. Make sure the thermometer is sterilised every time while assessing the temperature. The last reading ought to be taken after an additional 4 hours, which reading needs to be below 5 C. Please record all the readings on a register to confirm that the procedure has been completed accurately.

Food Industry Encounter

Having a career spanning over 25 years he’s also run his own food generation company in Sydney and continues to be exposed to various food service systems including cook chill and Sous vide. It’s with this particular encounter that James provides specialist guidance in the hospitality industry food safety duties of quality and food companies control to cost individuals and analysis management. Comprehending all facets of kitchen generation empowers James to convey in a consultative way to all degrees of staff, helping with any change management plan.

Apart from his qualifications as a chef, James also holds qualifications in these places:-

Associate Diploma in Applied Science (Health and Building);

Cert. IV in Training and Evaluation; and

Certified Principle Auditor (RABQSA)

Accredited National Food Safety Auditor (RABQSA degree 4 high risk)

Regulatory 3rd party Food Safety Auditor (NSW Food Authority)

Approved as food safety auditor (Queensland Health)

Food Industry Qualifications

James Shepherd, creator of Food Safety Systems, has a varied history in the hospitality industry with international exposure in Great Britain, France, Australia, and Asia.

James has also run his own food generation company and been exposed to various food service systems including cook chill and Sous vide. Apart from his qualifications as a chef, James holds qualifications for National Food Safety Auditor (NFSA grade 4), from RABQSA, is an authorised 3rd party auditor for the NSW Food Authority, is approved as food auditor by Queensland Health, as well as for Environmental Health Official.

By combining our business knowledge of food safety within Australia, with present practices we have been in a position to bring to our customers cost effective as well as practical remedies. Comprehending all facets of kitchen generation, and kitchen flow enables us to convey to all degrees of staff in a way that is consultative.!

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