Buying Planters To Make Your Home Look Great

Your home is your own personal property, your shelter, an expression of your personality. The accents you add to your home, both inside and out, are the accessories to the design. Your choice of planters and plants can be the diamonds for the Dior, the silver and gold for the Versace. Wherever you find beautiful planters, you will find great ideas for accessorizing your home. Companies like IOTA market striking and stylish planters of all sizes that will reinforce your theme or home design, and help display plantings wonderfully.

Large Planters


Let’s talk about large planters, first. When you’re buying planters for your home, you may want to consider large ones that are big enough to hold trees and shrubs. These types of planters are architectural statements that add a touch of sophistication to your landscape in interiors. One-metre square, lead sheeted planters placed at the street can create an impressive entrance to your home or business. The same sized planter in copper or zinc can warm the patio and draw attention to that beautiful specimen tree. A black mimosa, for example, is stunning in a copper planter.

Large planters are also useful in protecting your home. More often than ever, home and business owners are using large pots with substantial plants as curb or corner guards. This is especially helpful on busy corners or intersections where speeding vehicles often hop the curb and ram the building.

In cases like this a bespoke planter from IOTA Planters may be just the answer to home safety. A bespoke item will be made to fit the dimensions of your space exactly.

Dual Function

One of the best technology to grace your garden is the scoop planter. These are colorful planters that are translucent. Each one has a light in it. This can provide illumination along your sidewalks, the edges of your patio or deck, or create destination lighting in distant areas of your garden. Available in different sizes, they can provide clever and attractive nightlights in children’s rooms, too. And of course, they can be used for plants.

Planter Materials


Modern planters are made of many different materials. Fresco style planters, made of stone or concrete, lend a straight modern line to your décor. A planter column in this style, with an uplight tucked into it, can provide ambient lighting for entries. Boulevard planters provide lightweight yet durable landscaping opportunities. These are great for your specimen trees, as well.

Other popular construction materials are slate, granite flagstone, copper, lead, and zinc. Each of these has its own use, and its own impact on your décor.

Styles For Everyone

Planters are available in as many styles as you can imagine. Use Fresco style for your contemporary styling. Graphite planters also have a sleek, black, modern look. Scoop planters are whimsical, providing fun and function.

Whether you use them for plants, lighting, or storage, planters are a great way to make your home look great.

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