Eating Healthy Doesn’t Have To Be Torture

Believe it or not, eating healthy doesn’t have to be torture. Sure, we inflict “rabbit food” on ourselves when we’re dieting, but there is a whole world of savory, flavorful foods out there, just waiting to make you healthy! You need look no further than your nearest health spa to find a menu that translates to your own life.

Spa Time


Of course, you can always go to a health spa to get yourself in shape. Most people have the mistaken idea that health spas or farms, are designed to keep you captive until you lose 30 pounds. That couldn’t be further from the truth. You have gourmet meals of seared salmon and delicious sides that would be the envy of any 5 star restaurant.

Personal trainers assist you in exercise sessions, encouraging you to beat your previous standards. A well-stocked kitchen with skill behind the butcher block makes your stay healthy and tasteful.



Believe it or not, you can get some of the recipes used by famous spas. Of course, they will not make their entire menu available, but you can learn fantastic ways to season your meals with nuts and seeds that will add the nutritional benefits of those foods to your daily diet, and do it quite deliciously.

Healthy eating is not just lots of tuna and green salads. These recipes include salmon, haddock, and other tasty ocean fish, but they also will include ways to prepare lean meats that will be fulfilling and filling, as well. You can also find great suggestions for healthy snacks that don’t take all day to prepare – after all, a snack is supposed to be fast, right?



So, with the possibilities of spa recipes before you, what are some real things you can do to eat healthy without torturing yourself?

Well, consider adding snacks that have protein. You know, of course, that that means nuts. Edamame are crunchy and slightly sweet, and chock-full of protein and fibre. The fibre fills you up, and the protein stays with you so that you don’t get sleepy or hungry so quickly.

Prepare your own trail mix. Add any number of seeds, such as sunflower and pumpkin seeds, along with almonds and pistachios. Add some coconut flakes, and you have a great trail mix. For some sweets, add some carob chips. They give you that taste of chocolate, without the fat grams.

Another solution to the snacking problem is to make skewers with fruit on them. You can use any fruits you want. I, personally, don’t care for pineapple, so you won’t find any in my kitchen. But, grapes, different kinds of berries, and melons make for a great snack, and can be stored in a 1 gallon zippered bag. They’ll keep in the refrigerator or ice chest, equally well.



To make your fruits and vegetable last longer, rinse them off in a sink of water with vinegar in it. This will kill spores and mold. Just rinse it all off after about 15 minutes.


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