Giving Your Body A Rest

Holidays are great, aren’t they? Even the most active of holidays, the ones where we’re on the go constantly, somehow revive us. We can return to the normal routine feeling like it’s all worth it. Our bodies need the same kind of break. We eat on the go. We forget to take the time to enjoy dining and grab the easiest food and drink to hold with one hand. But, our bodies need a rest, too. The human body is very resilient, capable of metabolizing just about anything, but it can use a holiday from daily abuse, too. If you are one of those people stuck in a cycle of eating in the car or at your desk, here are some pointers for giving your body a rest.



Sugar has terrible effects on our bodies. Even if you overlook the weight gain that accompanies too much sugar, you are still left to deal with the inflammation. That’s right, sugar is the main source of inflammation in the human body. Muscle aches, headaches, joint pain, and general body stiffness are either the result of or exacerbated by sugar in the diet. But that’s not all – it causes inflammation on the cellular level, too. Excess sugar contributes to liver toxicity and poor circulation.

Reducing Sugar In Your Diet


Perhaps one of the best ways to give your body a rest from too much sugar is to eat as if you are at a health retreat. Now, don’t panic! That doesn’t mean that you have to starve yourself, or eat only raw vegetables for a week. You may be surprised to discover that health farms in the UK actually serve delicious foods.

It does mean that you might pause to appreciate the flavor of your food and drink. Rather than depending on sugar to make your beverage more palatable, try drinking a well-prepared beverage and focusing on its taste.

True, at a health spa, someone is preparing delicious foods for you, but by preparing your own pita sandwich, you can eliminate hundreds of grams of sugar from that meal. That’s because commercially prepared food has flavor enhancers such as added sugar and MSG. You can accomplish the same thing at home with a pinch of rosemary to your chicken salad. This is not only healthier for you, it’s delicious.

Benefits of Giving Your Body a Rest


If you go to the trouble to prepare healthy foods, what are the benefits? First of all, your body gets caught up on processing accumulated toxins. The liver can turn its energies to cleansing the blood, like it is supposed to do.

Secondly, you’ll feel better. This is because inflammation has decreased, and your joints and muscles are not as stiff and swollen. Also, your circulation is improved because the blood vessels are not as constricted.

Finally, you may find yourself losing weight. By reducing the empty calories you consume, you help your body to rest from the demands of excess sugar. Natural energy returns, and the body can shed some of the weight that encumbers it.

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