Buying Planters To Make Your Home Look Great

June 15, 2015

Your home is your own personal property, your shelter, an expression of your personality. The accents you add to your home, both inside and out, are the accessories to the design. Your choice of planters and plants can be the diamonds for the Dior, the silver and gold for the Versace. Wherever you find beautiful […]


Building Something Special For Your Garden

June 11, 2015

  Building something special for your garden is always an adventure. Whether you plan to build a gazebo, a shed, or a dog house, the planning and anticipation is often the highlight of the summer, next to actually using the structure you build. Here are some ideas for your summertime projects. Find Good Plans You […]


Keeping Your House Presentable When Serving Guests

May 18, 2015

Having friends over for a cookout is practically a rite of passage for homeowners. Who needs curtains, when you have a BBQ on the patio? Sure, the wife may want all of the pretties out before anyone comes over, but there are ways to compromise and still entertain. Here are some pointers for keeping our […]

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Giving Your Body A Rest

May 13, 2015

Holidays are great, aren’t they? Even the most active of holidays, the ones where we’re on the go constantly, somehow revive us. We can return to the normal routine feeling like it’s all worth it. Our bodies need the same kind of break. We eat on the go. We forget to take the time to […]


What Does Your Furniture Say About You?

April 1, 2015

So you’re having guests over for dinner, your preparing or have prepared a lovely meal and your ready for everything that the world can throw Your furniture is more than just utilitarian. Well, for most people it is, anyway. You may, of course, still live in the “recent graduate” flat with handed-down furniture. But, from […]


Decorating The Garden For Summer BBQs

February 2, 2015

Despite the continued cold weather, we can turn our sights toward summer. Think “backyard BBQ” to get you through the last roar of winter, and you may be transported to sunnier, warmer, more friendly days. With this in mind, it’s not too soon start planning how you will decorate the garden for this summer’s BBQs. […]

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Lawn Treatment And How To Deal With Patchy Grass

January 20, 2015

Although most of the Western World is caught in the grip of winter, those “in the know” are already thinking about their lawns ready for BBQ’s in the summer! Lawn treatments actually start at about this time of year, with pre-emergent herbicides being applied. Most lawn care companies also offer pruning services for trees and […]

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How To Keep Your Willpower Up With Personal Training

October 27, 2014

As hard as you try, it can be very difficult to maintain your exercise regimen. Many time it will be illness or injury that interferes with your routine. A respiratory infection can sideline you for a week, and it seems like you lose all of the progress you made in the last month. A hamstring […]


Eating Healthy Doesn’t Have To Be Torture

June 16, 2014

Believe it or not, eating healthy doesn’t have to be torture. Sure, we inflict “rabbit food” on ourselves when we’re dieting, but there is a whole world of savory, flavorful foods out there, just waiting to make you healthy! You need look no further than your nearest health spa to find a menu that translates […]


What To Eat When Staying Away

May 19, 2014

Business trips can sap the enthusiasm right out of you. Traveling should be fun, and involve exploring new sights and sounds. However, on a business trip, you often find yourself rushed, trying to make meetings and staying only in hotels or a Bed & Breakfasts like that provide breakfast, simply because of the convenience. However, […]

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