The Benefits Of Learning Another Language

April 23, 2014

The English are a strange bunch, many people go abroad every year without any knowledge of another countries culture or language. It’s actually to a disadvantage not knowing any of the language at all, as you may find that you are treated a little differently than other people from the UK who have made the […]

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The Michelangelo

January 10, 2014

I went to a restaurant called The Michelangelo this past Sunday for lunch. I’m not one for having roast dinners so I would prefer not to go to a British food establishment. I’ve always been a fan of Italian food anyway so it made a nice treat. The restaurant happened to be on the Weston-Super-Mare […]


Welcome To My Food, Drink And Entertainment Blog

December 11, 2013

Welcome to my food, drink and entertainment blog! Here I will be discussing my trips and experiences with restaurants, venues and other exciting places. My name is John Hannaford and I really enjoy dining out and experiencing new sights and sounds. Food and drink is my speciality and I really hope you enjoy my outlook […]