What Does Your Furniture Say About You?

So you’re having guests over for dinner, your preparing or have prepared a lovely meal and your ready for everything that the world can throw
Your furniture is more than just utilitarian. Well, for most people it is, anyway. You may, of course, still live in the “recent graduate” flat with handed-down furniture. But, from your first purchase, you begin to establish hour style and declare your personality.

The Extrovert

What can you tell about a person just from their furniture? If you, or someone you know is an extrovert, you may select furnishings that provide plenty of seating, and stimulate conversation. For example, unusual pieces from foreign places, bright upholstery with interesting patterns, these can all stimulate conversation. Visitors will usually ask about such items, giving you an opportunity to tell the story. This breaks the ice, making guests feel comfortable.
An extrovert may also like seating arrangements that allow for easy flow in a room. Upholstered Ottomans, for example, often serve dual purpose in such a setting. They can not only be used for seating for extra guests, but with a tray, can serve as a coffee table.
Furnishings for the extrovert may be brightly coloured in order to create a more stimulating atmosphere. This person will also make sure there is plenty of ambient light, and usually as much room for entertainment as possible.

The Introvert

You can often tell a person is an introvert by the kind of furniture he or she purchases. Big, soft, over-stuffed chairs invite you to sink in and relax in your own little world. There will usually be individual lighting for the reader. There may be few items in the room, simply because the introvert doesn’t tend to entertain as much and doesn’t need a lot of furniture. Colours tend to be muted rich colours or earth tones, providing a warm, intimate aura. These rooms make you relax as soon as you walk in. This home is truly your castle, where you feel shielded from the assaults of the outside world.

The super organized person may have individual baskets on shelves in the den. These baskets will hold categories of movies or video games, or keep craft supplies organized. Shelves, whether built in or free standing, give you a chance to show off your collectibles or organize books and photos.



Your choice of furniture may also make a statement about your commitment to cleanliness. People who have allergies especially will strive to have furniture that is easy to clean, in order to keep allergens down. A hardwood or tile floor is easier to clean and doesn’t hold dust and allergens. Furniture that is up on legs, rather than on bun feet, makes it easier to sweep and mop beneath. In addition, solid oak furniture is often easier to clean, reducing allergens, and side tables and the coffee table will usually be hard surfaced. Upholstered Ottomans tend to hold dust and pet hair more than wooden or metal surfaces.
There are many more ways that your furniture can tell your story. The era, style, and construction materials also will make a statement.

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