What To Eat When Staying Away

Business trips can sap the enthusiasm right out of you. Traveling should be fun, and involve exploring new sights and sounds. However, on a business trip, you often find yourself rushed, trying to make meetings and staying only in hotels or a Bed & Breakfasts like http://www.thecarewarms.co.uk that provide breakfast, simply because of the convenience. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. By combining your per diem with a little pocket money, you can enjoy dining while on a business trip. Turn your trip into an enjoyable respite, rather than a chore, by knowing what to eat when staying away.

In-Room Cooking

Not for the faint of heart is in-room cooking. Most hotel rooms have a microwave and small refrigerator. It is amazing what you can find that warms up well in the microwave, and is quite filling. A key here is to not overcook frozen meals. Most of the mini-refrigerators have very small freezing compartments. If you are in one location for several days, and make just one trip to the market, you can store the frozen dinners in the refrigerator section quite easily. Simply cook them for one half the time you would cook from the frozen state, and check that any meat is done.

Dining Out


One of the challenges to eating during travels is the tendency to eat fast food. It is much easier to pull through a drive-up window and grab something you can take to your hotel room. However, you are missing on one of the benefits of travel when you do this. You’ll enjoy your trip, and get just as much work done, if you seek out dining opportunities in your area.

The concierge at your hotel will be able to make recommendations for area dining. There are also usually menus and brochures in the room, once you check in. But, have you considered asking the bellman for recommendations? The everyday working people around you will know the good, affordable diners and cafes. These places will usually have fast service and plenty of good food.

If you are interested in a more leisurely dining experience, seek out one of the nicer restaurants. A quick internet search will tell you the ratings of area restaurants. If you can find one that is attached to a chef school, so much the better!

What to Order

Finally, once you have selected your dining destination, what shall you order? If you have an iron constitution, you can, of course, order anything you want. However, if you will be closed up in meetings the next day, or traveling for any length of time, you may want to eat a light dinner.

Heavily seasoned foods laden with cheeses and red meat take a while to digest. These are best saved for those situations in which you plan to be in one place for a couple of days. Raw vegetables such as salads need the same consideration.

Dishes with fish and poultry digest more quickly and – cleanly. Cooked vegetables will also work well if you are on the go.

What you eat when you’re staying away can make your trip more enjoyable and healthier.

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